Work Your Way Coalition Launches to Help Chicago Workers

A new coalition is launching to save flexible scheduling options for Chicago workers making less than $50,000.  The Work Your Way coalition will work to educate City Council members, workers and community leaders about the negative impact restrictive scheduling ordinances will have on Chicago’s working families, small businesses and the city’s ability to compete.  Nearly two dozen organizations – representing thousands of Chicago restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, hotels, hospitals, theatres, human service and health care providers, and not-for-profits who collectively employ tens of thousands of Chicagoans across the city – have already joined Work Your Way.  Working families and their employers depend on flexibility in their schedules – especially when unforeseen issues arise, such as illnesses, childcare, school programs, snow storms/weather-related incidents and other unplanned issues.  But City Council members have introduced a restrictive scheduling ordinance that will make Chicago the only city in the country that penalizes employers with 50 or more employees who offer flexible scheduling options to employees who make less than $50,000 – – in every industry in the city. Work Your Way is a joint initiative of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association, Illinois Health and Hospital Association, Illinois Retail and Merchants Association and Illinois Restaurant Association.  To learn more, visit