Recent polling from Gallup shows that 67% of Americans working variable hours say their flexible schedules do not cause hardship.

Work Your Way is a coalition of Chicago employers, employees and community organizations working together to protect flexible scheduling options in Chicago.

Some City Council politicians are pushing restrictive scheduling legislation that:

  • Penalizes employers who offer employees flexible scheduling options
  • Establishes roadblocks that discourage job creation and small business growth
  • Places Chicago at a competitive disadvantage
  • Makes it harder for local businesses to provide benefits and growth opportunities to employees
  • Impose overly restrictive scheduling mandates on employers as well as punitive fees, penalties and the threat of frivolous law suits.

Tell City Council members to support Chicago businesses.

As employers, we support our employees and their ability to pick the schedule that works best for them and their lifestyle. 

If restrictive scheduling passes, Chicago will become the only city in the country penalizing employers in every industry who offer flexible scheduling options to their employees making $50,000 or less.  Every industry in Chicago is affected by the ordinance – including not-for-profits, restaurants, retailers, healthcare and hospitals, transportation and logistics, tourism and every other.   

The Chicago ordinance is the most aggressive, far-reaching restrictive scheduling proposal in the country.  It is a one-size-fits-all approach that fails to recognize the unique needs of individual businesses, employers and employees. 

Neighboring cities, Indiana and Wisconsin are actively courting our businesses, residents and workers - we should not add another talking point to their efforts. 


Let your City Council member know you and your employees are vital parts of your community and support maintaining flexible scheduling options in Chicago.

Join our coalition visit our ACTION page and make your voice heard to the City Council.