Recent polling from Gallup shows that 67% of Americans working variable hours say their flexible schedules do not cause hardship.

Flexible jobs keep Chicago running. Don’t let politicians take them away.

Tens of thousands of Chicagoans depend on flexibility in their schedules - especially when unforeseen issues arise with childcare, illnesses, school work and weather.  But if some City Council politicians get their way, the flexibility employees and employers currently have to adjust schedules when these issues occur, preserve work shifts and let you Work Your Way will be at risk.

The so-called “two-week notification” requirement in the legislation will:

  • Lock employees into rigid schedules that can’t accommodate last-minute school or family obligations, illnesses, or even extreme weather, without at least two-weeks notice
  • Make it more difficult for employees to swap shifts with coworkers
  • Prevent employees from picking up extra shifts to maximize their take-home pay
  • Prohibit employees from stacking their shifts to maximize their time off
  • Decrease the number of available jobs

Act now to protect flexible schedules in Chicago by filling out the advocate form and joining our coalition.

The Restrictive Scheduling ordinance forces employees into a scheduling system that the majority do not want.

In fact, a recent Gallup survey showed more than half of all American workers (52%) prefer flexible scheduling options.  And 67% of those who work variable hours said their schedules do not cause any hardships (Gallup, 9/11/7/17). 

JOIN US – and tell your elected officials you want to Work Your Way. 

Tell your City Council member you support flexible scheduling options in Chicago.  TAKE ACTION and make your voice heard.