Work Your Way is a coalition of Chicago employees, employers and community groups working together to save flexible scheduling options in Chicago and educate legislators about the negative impact restrictive scheduling proposals will have on employees, employers and the city.

The facts:

  • Chicago businesses provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for Chicagoans
  • Employees seek out these jobs because of the flexibility to schedule shifts around their lives
  • If restrictive scheduling passes, Chicago will become the only city in the country penalizing employers who offer flexible scheduling options to their employees making $50,000 or less
  • Every industry in Chicago is affected by the ordinance – including not-for-profits, restaurants, retailers, healthcare and hospitals, transportation and logistics, tourism and every other industry


Let your City Council member know you and your employees are vital parts of your community and support maintaining flexible scheduling options in Chicago. 

Join our coalition visit our ACTION page and make your voice heard to the City Council. 

Coalition Members

Work Your Way is a joint initiative of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Health and Hospital Association, Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association, Illinois Restaurant Association and Illinois Retail Merchants Association.