Real life requires flexibility.
Save Workplace Flexibility for Chicago’s working families.

Work Your Way is a coalition of Chicago employees, employers and community groups working together to save flexible scheduling options in Chicago and educate legislators about the negative impact restrictive scheduling proposals will have on employees, employers and the city.

Every business and every employee encounters a certain amount of unpredictability.  Flexible scheduling options are a necessity for Chicago workers and employers when unexpected issues arise, such as illnesses, childcare, after school programs, snow storms and other unplanned issues. 

But City Council politicians have introduced a Restrictive Scheduling ordinance that will severely limit flexible scheduling and work opportunities for Chicago workers making $50,000 or less. 

For employees, it means:

  • Fewer jobs with flexible scheduling options
  • Increased difficulty in picking-up, dropping or swapping shifts with less than two weeks notice 
  • Inability to adjust your schedule and Work Your Way


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For employers, it means:

  • Penalties for those who continue to offer employees flexible scheduling options
  • Strict mandates that make it harder to work with employees to schedule shifts
  • More government red tape impeding job creation and innovation

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For Chicago's business and service industry, it means:

  • Additional burdens that hinder business growth and complicate operations
  • Less economic contributions to local communities
  • Fewer incentives to expand or open new locations around the state

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